Newborn Safety


The safety to newborn photography,

I want to talk to you all about the safety side of newborn photography, as this is something that isn’t talked about enough if you ask me. I’m sure many of my returning clients have learnt this is something I speak of a lot but it’s because I want to get out to as many people as possible. It’s something that unfortunately isn’t taken seriously enough but some and that’s a shame.

How much do you know about newborn photography?

So what do you know about newborn photography, Im guessing not much other than how simply beautiful the images can look of your gorgeous little baby between 4-14 days old. I’m not going to bored you with it all but I’ll give you a little more information. Newborn photography is a wonderful thing when it is created safety. Your chosen photographer should be experienced and have had training in newborn photography both for posing baby and the safety side. There are many newborn poses in which can be achieved during a newborn session but your photographer must know how to create this safety so that they do not harm or injury baby but mistake. Your photographer should also make sure that the baby isn’t left unattended in a way in which baby may fall or roll. The photographer should ask a parent to spot the baby for some posing.

When you booked your newborn photographer did you check they were trained in that area?

Don’t worry I’m sure this isn’t something may people think about when booking their newborn photographer but you are completely in your right to ask. Safety should always come first. Never hesitate to check wth your newborn photographer if they have carried out newborn training, you may even be able to find the information straight on their website from certificates or awards. But if not just drop them an email.




Mummy and Me Portraits

We know we’re a little early for mothers day this year. But we wanted to offer something a little more special than just flowers and chocolates this year.

Over the weekend of Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th March 2017, we are running mummy and me mini sessions. Which are just in time for mothers day.




Stunning portraits of you and your beautiful children no better gift? Something you will treasure for a life time and enjoy looking at around the house all year round


Unlike the chocolates, which will probably be gone within hours if the kids get their hands on them,

We only have 2 slots remaining on Sunday 12th March as our Saturday 11th March have already SOLD out. But if you really want one I may be tempted to open up some extra slots… YIPPE!

Book your today and really treat yourself this mothers day you all deserve a little something special.


Lots of Love

Phoebe xxx

Working with your Bride and Groom

I’m sure we all freak out at some point when planning our own wedding, I mean there is just so much to think about that sometimes you forget the odd thing. Don’t worry I’m sure it’s happened to all our Bride’s or Groom’s at some point during their planning.

marlow wedding 2015I know for most of my Bride’s and Groom’s their photographer is a huge part of their day they want to capture their special moments into beautiful photographs which they can continue to look back on year after year. Give out to family and friends, maybe even hang a display somewhere in the house. But they also want the moments captured which they sometimes miss, and you’ll be amazed at how many of those they do miss because there off talking to guests, or having their couple photo’s or checking the venue room. It’s so important for them to be able to relive their day again and again.

A few things I feel are important to think about when booking your photographer –

  • I also feel it’s important that you, your partner and the photographer get along from the first moment. Believe it or not your going to be spending a lot of time together on the day so you all want to feel relaxed around one another. This is why I always offer to meet with my couples before they book me because as much as they’ve looked at my work and love what they see. I want them to be sure I’m the photographer they want on their day. I arrange a little coffee meeting, where we can discuss your wedding ideas, find out how he got down on one knee and just get to know each other a little better.

akers wedding

  • You want someone who can be relaxed and isn’t shouting at you all day long, it’s still your day and as much as the photograph’s are important to get done, you cannot help it if a bride or groom gets stuck talking to a guest. Use that time to photograph the guests and don’t make your bride and groom feel bad. I always allow time for my couples to get around their wedding party before going off for couple shots.


  • Don’t be affairs to ask your photographer for a shot. As much as I know what types of images you want as we would have previously discussed it, please never fear to ask for a last minute shot. It’s what I’m there for if you want it you just tell me and I’ll be there ready to take it. Keeping in contact with your client, I always make sure I keep up to date with my couple. Even if they’ve booked a wedding for 2 years time, I don’t like them to feel I have forgotten about them. I always drop an email very know and then just to see how things are going.

We still have a few dates available  for 2017 weddings, so if you still haven’t booked your get in contact.


Lots of Love Phoebe xwedding photography bedfordshire wedding photographer bedfordshire photographer wedding photos wedding photography wedding photography hertfordshire

A little valentines day love

I know it’s that time of year again who would believe it’s almost February, seems like christmas was still only yesterday. But it wasn’t it’s that time of year when we all show our loved ones how much they mean to us. Although we do that every day don’t we? Hmmm.


This year I thought I’d offer something for all those couples out their will little one’s struggling for present ideas especially if the budget is tight after christmas but you want to give them a little something as a small reminder that their always in your heart.



Why not do a little something from the kids. Which is why I came up with a mini session valentines day set which we will be running this coming Saturday at our home studio in Ickwell, Bedfordshire. With lots of pretty love hearts, maybe even a few balloons for the boys. The sessions are short as they are mini sessions but they include 3 beautiful high resolution digital images of your choice, which you could use to make a lovely photo frame or photo collage for your partner/wife or husband. Keyring’s, mugs the list is endless.


So why not do something a little different this year and book a valentines day mini session. Contact us today via email.


Lots of Love
Phoebe Berridge photography x

Beautiful Portraits

portrait session


Who doesn’t love up to date images of their beautiful little ones. We all forget how quickly they change and grow up whilst we’re all busy with our day to day life’s we sometimes forget to capture those special moments and milestone, before you know it we’ve missed them and their 25 married and have their own children and are no longer our “babies”.


Try and make time to fit in an up to date photo shoot it doesn’t have to be the whole family even if it’s just the kids capturing them as they grow, changing their hair colour and styles don’t let those moments be missed. Capture them and frame them let them tell the stories on your walls in big and beautiful wall art let them be the talking point when family and friends come over.

I recently did a portraits mini session day and it was such a hit with my clients. They got to enjoy watching their kids pose and smile in front of the camera in our home studio which is tucked away in the countryside (Ickwell) I spent my time making sure all children feel at ease and comfort in front of the camera whether this means we sit talk and play for 20 minutes before shooting then that is what we do because I want your images to be natural fun calm and relaxed showing off everyone in their true character.
portrait session


So why not start 2017 with a beautiful portrait session for you and your family up dating that old family picture and replacing it with the characters you all are now. Let it hang in true beauty around the house and let your friends and family be jealous they haven’t got one.

Christmas Mini Sessions

The chilly weather is fast approaching which can only mean one thing? Christmas is on its way! It can be a stressful time for most people deciding what to get everyone and having a limited amount of money to spend at what can be an expensive time of year.

Our mini sessions might just be able to help tick a few of those christmas presents off your list this year. This years mini sessions are christmas PJs theme which will be served with milk and christmas cookies! There are even some extra gifts included, can you guess what?6


The sessions run for 20 minutes per client, these sessions allow us to create some stunning images of your little ones. The sessions are for a maximum of 3 children per slot, all children must be able to sit unaided.

So what’s included in this years christmas mini session packages to make them extra special? Not only are there digital images included this year were got some extra bits for you, which will make the perfect presents for your loved ones!


  • 5 digital images of your choice
  • Christmas bauble bauble (4 images from your session)
  • 2 key-rings
  • 1 x 8×12 mounted print
  • 1 x 8×10 mounted print
  • 4 x standard 5×7 prints



Our mini sessions will be released on Friday 11th November to our VIP clients first, if you are not a VIP client but are interested in our mini sessions please email us to be added to our mailing list. Once our VIP have taken their slots the sessions will be released to the public. Happy Christmas and We look forward to seeing you all for your sessions.


Studio’s 1st Year

Where do I even begin?

I honestly cannot believe its the end of my first year in my little studio, I remember the weeks and weeks my Dad spent building it last summer and how I must have gone on and one at him every day to hurry up and finish it so I could start using it. It’s honestly been one of the best years for myself and my little business.img_4544

Having a space which is mine and I can have how I want, being able to display all my work so clients can see the wall art and products I offer. Having different props for different sessions and colours. Vintage style props, different backdrops, girly headbands and dresses. Having the freedom to offer my
clients as much as I can has truly been amazing.

When I haven’t been at the studio I’ve been out shooting for my wedding clients who again without them I wouldn’t be where I am today and I have to thank them also. I’ve had the most amazing summer with so many different weddings in lots of lovely venues and locations.

Heres to many more years of shooting fanatic images and working with the most amazing clients… Maybe even a studio extension in a few years time who knows?img_3220

Lots of Love

Phoebe Berridge Photography


Mr & Mrs Marlow

I have to say I love an October wedding the autumn season is by far one of my favourites. The leaves are turning, the weather gets colder for those cosy jumpers and the beautiful orange and red tones start coming out.

220-2 226-2 163

2 253Tom and Kati got married on October 3rd 2015 their day was absolutely beautiful, with lovely clear blue sky, wonderful family and friends surrounding them and just the purest love.




Their wedding day was held in Stevenage where Kati was from, they had their ceremony at their local church before going to a near by hotel for their sit down meal and evening party. Their bridal party wore stunning navy blue dresses finished with orange flowers, along with the ushers and best men who wore blue suits and orange bow ties the colours worked so well together.


Their venue was finished with the same colours and even had a little bit of halloween in it with mini pumpkins around the venue.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your first year together Mr and Mrs Marlow x22

Mitchell Family Session


Harriet, Steven and little taylor came to visit me last week at the studio. We had some fun for sure, mainly trying to entertain Taylor as he wasn’t to keen on having his photo taken. I’m not sure why as he’s gorgeous with lovely blonde hair and big blue eyes.




We spent a while playing games and warming Taylor up to the idea of having his photo taken and my god when he did start laughing and smiling he was so cute! Plus his mum and dad were fab and didn’t stress as I assured them we would get there in the end.


ggBoth Harriet and Steven were great! So happy to be there and were a pleasure to photograph and capture with their special little boy, their first family portrait for Taylor’s 1st Birthday.  A game of playing peak a boo, singing and a balloon or two to help wentertain Taylor but wasn’t it just worth it.

Summer Love

Christian and Sally

24th June 2016





I knew I was going to get along with Christian and Sally from our very first meeting they were both so friendly, kind and excited for their big day. Talking me though all their plans for the day and ideas. I couldn’t wait to shoot their day for them especially with a different location from normal.

Both Sally and Christian love their water sports and spend a lot of time at Box End Kempston so it only made sense to hold their special day in a place which was special to them and god did it pay off?






The venue looked stunning with all their finishing touches, sunflowers throughout the venue, fairy lights scattered around and so many personal handmade touches to their tables. Arriving to the venue in the beautiful “Mary Jane” Sally looked out of this world arriving with her Father. Their bridal party also played a big part in their day helping get ready and celebrate their day.






After a ceremony full of so much love and beautiful readings from their children, will had so much open space for some couple shots and I made sure we got use of everything we could as mad as Sally and Christian thought I was when asking them to get in a field of grass! The
shots paid off.






A wedding full of love, laugher, dancing, fun and special moments. Thank you for choosing me to capture your special day.


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